Connecticut Girls Hockey League CGHL Connecticut's first and only youth hockey league devoted entirely to girls

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Our CGHL community has enjoyed great success because we have been blessed with great leaders
empathetic, intuitive, with a vision of how to make things better for girls hockey ...
in their program and/or the CGHL.

It has been said, “The task of the leader is to get people from where they are
to where they have not been.”

“Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.” ~ John F. Kennedy

Before Gary LaChance and Lou Cassella co-founded the the CGHL in 2005, a hockey
league devoted to girls did not exist. The primary mission was to provide girls
opportunities to try hockey and develop on all girls teams. From the beginning, the
CGHL has valued development, effort, fun and excellence and the tremendous
opportunities hockey presents for growth in and out of the rink!

Recipients of the LaChance Leadership Award will have demonstrated over many years,
great vision, persistent action, steady leadership and growth in their local programs
and/or the CGHL.

Qualities / Criteria:
• Often intuitive they demonstrate an ability to perceive positive change needed or
desired and take action to make it happen and thereby strengthen our CGHL
• Volunteered in the CGHL and/or a CGHL local program for many
• A good communicator who inspires others to join in their mission
and take positive action.
• Seek to delegate and involve others but believe in their vision so much so
that they often take action to make it happen even when others are unable to
• Level headed strategists, and connectors, unselfish and empathic who go
out of their way to help others and strengthen our CGHL community.
• Humble and do not seek recognition
• Passionate about our CGHL community.

In some years there may be more than one recipient, but the honor of the prestigious
LaChance Leadership Award shall only be bestowed when nominees are clearly deserving.