Connecticut Girls Hockey League CGHL Connecticut's first and only youth hockey league devoted entirely to girls

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Step 1 - Register each team your club will enter in CGHL

U10 Jamboree Fall -       $450      (TBD due to COVID-19 delay, Typically occurs on Sat or Sun in late Sept. or early Oct)

U10 Jamboree Winter -  $450      (Typically occurs last Sat or Sun in February)

U10 Tournament -       $1,000      (Typically begins Thu or Fri depending on brackets, ends last Sunday, Feb or 1st Sunday, March)

U12 Tournament -       $1,100      (Typically begins Thu or Fri depending on brackets, ends 1st or 2nd Sunday, March)

U14 Tournament -       $1,200      (Typically begins Thu or Fri depending on brackets, ends 2nd or 3rd Sunday, March

U19 Tournament -       $1,250      (Usually November, although TBD due to COVID-19 season start date delay)

* A note about dates - As a group, CGHL tries to accommodate all (last season Stamford (Thanks again Randy and !) did an amazing job, with TONS of extra work to accomodate a team with a MAJOR conflict, but it's not always possible.  As a group we try to reach consensus and usually end up settling on the 'least imperfect' dates.  The above dates are ones that typically work out as the least imperfect dates, but ultimately each season, it's up to the CGHL BOD volunteers to work together and set tournament dates. 

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Step 2 - Register each team's scheduler and link scheduler to team

Note:  If your club utilizes a 'master scheduler' (i.e. same person schedules games for more than 1 of your club's teams) you will need to send an email (after you have completed the Scheduler registration process and linked him/her  to 1 of your CGHL teams).  Please send email to so your 'master scheduler' can be manually linked to the other teams.

Note:  If you do not already have a CGHL User Account you will be prompted to create one.  Once created, you will be able to link to Team as Scheduler.

To gain CGHL access for Scheduling CGHL games, CLICK HERE!