Connecticut Girls Hockey League CGHL Connecticut's first and only youth hockey league devoted entirely to girls

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2021-22 Champions 

U-10 Division  Mass/Conn United
Division I    U-12 Greenwich Skate Club    U-14  Shoreline Sharks CGHL 1    U-19  N.Lights
Division II   U-12   Darien Ice Cats    U-14 Capitol Wolves(Red)      U-19 Co-Champions  Amherst MA &  N.Lights 
Division III  U-19 Springfield Rifles


2020-21 Champions
No Tournaments due to Covid


2019-2020 Champions
No U-14 Due to Covid shutdown. 
Division I    U-10  Watertown  U-12 Ct Jr Rangers   U-19 Mamaroneck Tigers
Division II   U-10 Western Mass Blizzard     U-12 Western Mass Blizzard     U-19 Southern Stars
Division III  U-12 Capitol Wolves (Blue) 


2018-2019 Champions
Division I      U-10 Shoreline Sharks   U-12 W. Mass Blizzard    U-14 N. Lights     U-19 (Fall) Simsbury     U-19 (Spring) N. Lights
Division II    U-10 Watertown         U-12 N. Lights      U-14 N. Lights Silver  U-19 (Fall) N. Lights
Division III   U-14 Greenwich Skate


2017-2018 Champions
Division I         U-10 N. Lights           U-12 N. Lights                 U-14 Mamaroneck            U-19 N. Lights
Division II                n/a                   U-12 Brewster                 U-14 Panthers                 U-19 Southern Stars


2016-2017 Champions
Division I       U-12 W. Hartford               U-14 Hamden              U-19 Hartford Jr. Wolfpack
Division II      U-12 Stamford Sharks       U-14 Ridgefield

2015-2016 Champions
Division I       U-12 CT Ice Cats        U-14 W. Mass Blizzards      U-19 Pawling
Division II      U-12 N. Lights            U-14 Brewster

2014-2015 Champions
Division I       U-12  Yale                  U-14  West Hartford            U-19 Hamden B
Division II      U-12 N. Lights           U-14  Shoreline

2013-2014 Champions
Division I       U-12 W. Hartford A       U-14 Hamden              U-19 Hamden
Division II      U-12 Ridgefield             U-14 Pawling

2012-2013 Champions
Division I      U-12 Shoreline               U-14 Yale                   U-19 Shoreline
Division II     U-12  Darien                  U-14 Shoreline    

2011-2012 Champions
Division I      U-12 Yale                              U-14 Hamden       U-19 Northern Lights
Division II     U-12 Darien/New Canaan    U-14 Pawling

2010-2011 Champions
Division I      U-12  West Hartford             U14 Wallingford    U-19   West Hartford
Division II     U-12  Shoreline Sharks        U14 Hamden

2009-10 Champions
Division I     U12 Simsbury                U14 Northwestern
Division II    U12 Shoreline Sharks    U14 Simsbury        U19 Northwestern

2008-09 Champions
Division I     U12 Walllingford     U14 Simsbury              U19 Pawling
Division II    U12 Polar Bears      U14 Northwestern        U19 Northwestern

2007-08 Champions
Division I     U12 Simsbury     U14 Simsbury             U19 Guilford
Division II    U12 Hamden       U14 Wonderland Wizards    U19 Kent

2006-07 Champions
Division I     U12 Wallingford    U14 Simsbury          U19 Darien Spirit
Division II    U12 Ridgefield      U14 Northwestern    U19 Guilford

2005-06 Champions - Inaugural Season
Division I     U12   Hamden              U14 Pawling            U19 Southern Stars
Division II    U12 West Hartford      U14 West Haven    U19 Kent