Connecticut Girls Hockey League CGHL Connecticut's first and only youth hockey league devoted entirely to girls

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ChampionshipTournament Rules



  • USA Hockey rules will apply except as may differ below.
  • Each team will be allowed a 20 player roster. Rosters submitted to CGHL roster chairman effective December 31st will rule.
  • U-12 games will be (3) 12 minute periods.  U-14 and  U-19 games, (3) 15 minute periods.
  • Games are to start promptly as scheduled.  Teams failing to appear at the start of the game will forfeit by a score of 1 to 0.  Teams should be prepared to take the ice 10 minutes before scheduled time.
  • Overtime will only be played in the finals.  There will be (1) 6-minute sudden death period.  If there is no scoring, there will be a 5 player shootout.
  • If during the third period of any game, a 6 goal differential exists, the clock will switch to running time, stopping only for penalties and goals.  Stop time will resume if the differential drops below 6.  Due to ice schedules, the tournament director reserves the right to change the third period to running time.
  • Teams advancing to the finals, or seeding determinations for crossovers will be determined as follows:
  • Most Points earned (2-win, 1-tie, 0-loss)
  • Points eared in games played among the teams tied (head to head)
  • Most wins
  • Net difference between goals scored and allowed Maximum 6 goal differential allowed per game
  • Least goals Allowed
  • Most goals scored provided that the goals scored in any one game shall be limited to a 6 goal differential per game.
  • Least penalty minutes
  • Coin toss