Connecticut Girls Hockey League CGHL Connecticut's first and only youth hockey league devoted entirely to girls

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2022-23 Registration Instructions

1.  Register TEAMS that will participate in the CGHL for the 2022-23 season. 


2. Register SCHEDULERS for your Club's Teams.   Your teams' schedulers need to register with the CGHL website so they can be set up with user accounts with priveleges to schedule CGHL games vial the CGHL website.  The CGHL webiste user account is separate from your club's webiste user account so even if your teams' scheduler(s) already have a user account for your club's website they will need a separate CGHL user account and must register with CGHL. 

Please email if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Schedulers ~ Coaches ~ Team Volunteers 2022-23

This registration is for anyone that will be scheduling CGHL games on the CGHL Hockey website. 

NOTE: If you will serve as Scheduler for more than one team for your club, please register here for one team and then please email (and cc your club's CGHL Rep to speed up the process) so you can be manually added as scheduler for the additional teams.


Opened: 04/10/2022

BOD / Alternate / Club President - Contact Info Update 2022-23


CGHL BOD Registration

1. Please update your Club's "BOD", "Alternate" and "President's" contact information via this Registration link.

2. Please select CGHL BOD


CGHL BOD members and designated alternates will be members of the CGHL BOD team (to enable us to post BOD events with automated reminders).

Please take a minute to review CGHL's Rule concerning attendance. 

   1.2 Board Attendance Policy
The CGHL is run by volunteers. The strength of our league depends on a vibrant Board with
board members being regularly available and present at Board meetings. Attendance at regular
meeting is mandatory. In the event a Board member or his/her designee misses two (2)
consecutive meetings, a note shall be sent to the program’s President alerting of their
representative’s absence and reminding attendance is crucial to the health of the league. Upon
three (3) or more absences by a member program’s designated CGHL representative, or its
designee, the Board may suspend the local program’s voting rights. In addition the Board may
remove the designated representative from the Board and request the program to provide a designated representative. [emphasis added]


If you should have any questions, please shoot a quick email to CGHL President Brent Brower at for more information.  





Opened: 04/01/2022
Closes: 11/15/2022

Open to: Men & Women